Sick child visits and well child visits are available by appointment. I suggest that you make your appointment far in advance as possible.

For sick child visits I will make every effort to schedule your sick child visit on the same day that you call me +39 347 19 57 023. Please call me during the morning hours so I can schedule your visit at a convenient time. If you have a medical emergency I’ll do the best to see your child as soon as possible or refer you to the appropriate facility who could help your child. If you would like me to see more than one child, please schedule all of them when you make your appointment.

Well child visits are very important in maintaining our child’s health. During these visits I evaluate the growth and development of your child as well as address any of your concerns.


Use of the appointment request form should be for checkups, consultation, and non-urgent visits. If your child needs more immediate attention, please call for an appointment at +39 347 19 57 023 from 8 am to 22 pm.